Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Men's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 2-17-10

1. Kentucky Wesleyan 26-3 +1 Kentucky will end its very successful season with a game against Bellarmine. The Panthers have to be feeling good after defeating former No. 1 Southern Indiana
2. Southern Indiana 23-1 -1 The Eagles will look to bounce back on the road after a devastating loss against Kentucky Wesleyan. They face off against Northern Kentucky on Thursday.
3. Drury 21-5 +1 Drury has its last scheduled game against Rockhurst on Thursday. With the success that the Panthers have found, they can look forward to cap the season with a winning streak.
4. Quincy 20-5 -1 Quincy will end the 2 game series against Lewis on Saturday, and since the Hawks have snapped their undefeated streak, they have gone 4-5. Lewis will prove tough for Quincy.
5. Findlay 17-6 +2 Findlay should have an easy week. They play Michigan Tech followed by Northern Michigan.
6. Grand Valley 17-6 -1 Grand Valley had two losses against the teams that should be easy wins for Findlay this week. The Lakers face off against Saginaw Valley and Lake Superior State, and need to turn their game around for wins.
7. Bellarmine 18-7 -1 Bellarmine finishes its season with the two toughest games back to back. They have to make it through Kentucky Wesleyan, then face South Indy on Saturday, which is the Knights’ Homecoming.
8. Rockhurst 16-9 NC Rockhurst finishes the season with a tough game against Drury, followed by some slack against Missouri S&T on Saturday, which is the Hawk’s Senior Day.
9. St. Joseph’s 16-9 +3 St. Joseph’s comes off of big wins against Quincy and Lewis, and looks to keep the streak alive with its last two opponents: UW-Parkside and Central State
10. Lewis 15-10 -1 Lewis has two games remaining. The game on Thursday against Illinois-Springfield should be a guaranteed win for the Flyers, and the real challenge will come on Saturday against Quincy, but based on Quincy’s decline in performance, Lewis could take that one too.
11. Saginaw Valley 14-9 -1 The Cardinals had an unfortunate loss against Ashland last week, but if they come out with wins against Ferris State and Grand Valley this week, they can get some high rankings next week.
12. Ferris State 14-9 -1 Ferris State has a tough week against them as they face off against Lake Superior State and Saginaw Valley this week. The win from Northern Michigan will need to carry over into this week.
13. Northern Kentucky 13-12 NC Northern Kentucky could split the last two games of the season against South Indy, which is almost promised to be a loss, and Indianapolis. However, if we see the intensity that the Norse had against Drury in the upset, Northern Kentucky could take both games.
14. Ashland 12-11 +5 Ashland will face Wayne State after two big wins against Saginaw Valley and Lake Superior State.
15. Hillsdale 10-12 +6 The Chargers play Northern Michigan on Thursday, but the interesting game will be on Saturday, as Hillsdale looks to take a win against Michigan Tech, who won the last contest.
16. Lake Superior State 12-11 -2 The Lakers come off two losses that should have never happened against last ranked Tiffin and Ashland. If they continue to play like they have, they can expect losses against Grand Valley and Ferris State this week.
17. Indianapolis 12-14 -2 Indianapolis has one game left against Northern Kentucky on Saturday. They will try to end the four game losing streak and the season with a win.
18. Northwood 11-11 NC Northwood’s last 3 wins are against Findlay, Lake Superior, and Saginaw Valley. This week they look to add more wins against Tiffin and Ashland, which will be a game of revenge.
19. Wayne State 10-12 -3 After three tough losses, the Warriors look to have an easier schedule this week against Ashland and Tiffin. Although Ashland is ranked higher, Wayne State won the last meeting between the two.
20. Central State 18-5 -4 Central State will begin a 2 game series against the University of DC on Saturday, then come home for a game against the tough St. Joseph’s on Monday.
21. Northern Michigan 10-12 +2 The Wildcats have an extremely difficult week ahead of them. They will compete against Hillsdale, followed by Findlay. They will need to play like they did against Grand Valley to come out with wins.
22. Missouri- St. Louis 10-15 -2 Missouri-St. Louis will face off again against Missouri S&T, followed by the season closer against Maryville. The last time these two teams met, the scoreboard really went to high numbers. Scoring 152 points again would be a great way to end the season.
23. Illinois-Springfield 10-12 -1 The Prairie Stars have two teams left in the season, both of which lost to Illinois-Springfield in the last matchups. UIS will hope to beat Lewis and cap the season with a victory against UW-Parkside.
24. Lake Erie College 10-15 NC Lake Erie will try to end their season with two wins against Ohio Dominican and Indiana this Saturday and Monday.
25. Michigan Tech 8-15 +2 The Huskies have the same schedule as Northern Michigan, but in reverse order. Since Tech has been undefeated in the month of February, this week will be an interesting one to watch.
26. UW-Parkside 8-17 -1 UW-Parkside finishes with tough St. Joseph followed by Illinois-Springfield. The last two games look to prove tough for the Rangers.
27. Missouri S&T 7-18 -1 The Miners have an unfortunate end to their season, looking at potential losses against Missouri St. Louis and Rockhurst.
28. Maryville 3-23 NC The Saints are marching into Missouri-St. Louis’s court on Saturday, and will most likely leave the court and the season with yet another loss.
29. Tiffin 2-21 NC Tiffin came out of last week with its first conference win against Lake Superior State. The Dragons will try to do the same thing against Northwood and Wayne State this week.

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