Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Men's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 2-3-10

1. *Southern Indiana 19-0 NC Southern Indiana continues to be unstoppable on the court. Win number 20 will no doubt come Missouri- St. Louis on Thursday.
2. Kentucky Wesleyan 21-3 NC Kentucky Wesleyan proved that it deserves a rank this high with its win against former number one ranked Quincy. With Maryville next on the list, it looks to be nothing but positive outcomes for KWC.
3. Drury 17-3 +1 Drury ranks number two in scoring offense in the GLVC, and will prove how powerful they are against a lower ranked Northern Kentucky.
4. Quincy 17-3 -1 Quincy, the former number one rank, has gone 2-3 in its last five games. Although some of the previous opponents have proven very tough, a win certainly looks in Quincy’s favor against Illinois-Springfield.
5. Findlay 16-3 NC After taking the highest rank of any of the GLIAC teams, Findlay will look to prove its spot with a win against Grand Valley on Thursday.
6. Grand Valley 15-4 NC Grand Valley was shut down over the weekend with a loss against Northern Michigan. The next game on the schedule is against Findlay, and a win would put Grand Valley back on top in the GLIAC.
7. Bellarmine 14-7 NC Bellarmine comes home after a win in Illinois, and only a five point loss against a tough Quincy team. Playing against a team with a record opposite their own, Bellarmine should pull out a win on Thursday over Missouri- S&T.
8. Rockhurst 14-7 +1 Rockhurst has its next contest on the road against Indianapolis. With the second highest rank in 3 pt defense, Rockhurst can look for another win on the road.
9. St. Joseph’s 13-7 +3 St. Joseph takes a trip to compete against Lewis. St. Joseph is on a 5 game winning streak, and looks to make it win number six on Thursday
10. Saginaw Valley 12-7 -2 Saginaw Valley comes home after two devastating losses, one of which was against a surprising underdog called Hillsdale. If the team can get back into a winning behavior, they can take the victory over Wayne State.
11. Ferris State 12-7 +2 Ferris State faces off against Hillsdale, and both teams have a five game winning streak going into the game. Ferris has what it takes to shut down this unusual funk that Hillsdale has found, but with the surprising wins that Hillsdale has come up with, the result of this game is up in the air.
12. Central State 16-4 NC Central State only lost its last game by one point. With a very good record, a win looks very possible against local rival Wilberforce University.
13. Lewis 12-9 -2 Lewis is on a 3 game losing streak, but the losses come from ranks 1, 2, and 3 on this list. The last week has been tough, and a win against St. Joseph’s can put that week behind Lewis.
14. Lake Superior State 11-8 -2 Lake Superior State is up against Northwood next, and looks to have a win from the game, which will turn around the loss that made Lake State another victim to the Hillsdale winning streak.
15. Wayne State 10-8 +3 Wayne State takes its two game winning streak to Saginaw Valley. Although the wins were from lower ranked teams, Wayne State could keep in the groove and pull out a win against Saginaw.
16. Indianapolis 11-10 -1 With a last ten games record of 4-6, as opposed to Rockhurst’s 7-3 record, it looks as though Indianapolis will make their season a .500 season through Thursday.
17. Northern Kentucky 11-10 NC Northern Kentucky may have the second best scoring defense in the GLVC, but it will take much more to beat Drury in the contest on Thursday.
18. Missouri- St. Louis 10-11 -2 Missouri will have an unfortunate game on Thursday. It will be a safe bet that Southern Indiana isn’t about to give up its first loss to a team ranked much lower, especially if the team is on a six game losing streak. This should be a devastating game for Missouri.
19. Ashland 9-10 +1 Ashland faces off against Northern Michigan next. Both teams have a pretty similar record, and a win from either team will definitely result in advances in the rankings.
20. *Illinois-Springfield 8-10 -1 Illinois-Springfield’s next opponent may have made a significant fall in the rankings, but Quincy still looks to pull the win against a team with record of 1-5 in its last five games.
21. Northern Michigan 8-10 +1 Northern Michigan will compete against Ashland in its next contest in a huge conference bubble game. NMU is also coming off a win at GLIAC North leading GVSU.
22. Northwood 8-10 -1 Northwood faces off against Lake Superior State. In their last match-up, Lake State won 88-72. Northwood will have some vengeance out, but it may not prove to be enough for a victory.
23. Hillsdale 7-11 +1 Hillsdale would never have thought to be a tough opponent to a much higher ranked Ferris State. However, 4 of the past 5 victories have come from higher ranked teams. Hillsdale could actually pull off a win.
24. UW-Parkside 8-14 -1 UW has a bye on Thursday, and then takes the court against Lewis, who holds the spot that is 11 above UW. It will prove challenging to try to get a win out of the game on Saturday
25. Missouri S&T 7-13 NC The last 10 games for Missouri S&T ended with a low 3-7 record. Facing off against No. 7 Bellarmine does not look to improve any record for Missouri S&T.
26. Lake Erie College 7-15 NC After a win against Ohio Dominican, Lake Erie will face off its next game against Central State on Saturday after a bye on Thursday. Lake Erie looks to come out of the contest unsuccessful.
27. Michigan Tech 4-15 NC Michigan Tech faces off against Tiffin in the next game. Tech was the last team to beat Hillsdale, so they deserve some credit, and will most likely seal the win.
28. *Maryville 2-19 NC Kentucky Wesleyan is the next opponent for Maryville. The two teams have completely opposite season records. It is no question that Maryville will got loss number 20 in the game on Thursday.
29. Tiffin 1-18 NC Tiffin will compete next against Michigan Tech. the team has been winless since November. A win against a low ranked Tech could happen, but it doesn’t look probable.

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