Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 1-27-10

1. *Southern Indiana 17-0 +1 Despite the loss of a beloved teammate, Southern Indiana remains undefeated, no doubt to honor his memory. They now have the best scoring offense and defense in the GLVC, and look to keep the winning streak going against UW-Parkside.
2. Kentucky Wesleyan 19-3 +1 Kentucky Wesleyan leads the GLVC in offensive rebounds, and ranks second in a number of categories. The team looks to take the win against Lewis.
3. Quincy 16-2 -2 Quincy leads the GLVC in 3 pt percentage, and in the game against Bellarmine, these shots will help to snap the 2-game losing streak that Quincy has found itself in.
4. Drury 15-3 NC Drury tops the GLVC at the free throw line. If their opponent, Missouri-St Louis keeps them at the line, Drury can count on the win even more.
5. Findlay 14-3 NC Findlay tops the GLIAC in field goal and 3 pt field goal percentage. Easy point scoring will guarantee the win against Lake Superior State.
6. Grand Valley 14-3 NC Grand Valley Leads the GLIAC in scoring defense. The next game against Michigan Tech looks to be a sure win.
7. Bellarmine 13-6 NC Bellarmine’s 3 pt defense is ranked much higher than their next opponent’s, but that is not all that they have over Quincy. Bellarmine is also on a 4 game winning streak, which could put momentum in their favor on this away court.
8. Saginaw Valley 12-5 +1 Saginaw Valley’s offensive rebounds make them number one in the GLIAC. Offensive rebounds will help secure a victory against Hillsdale
9. Rockhurst 13-7 +1 Rockhurst takes the third spot in the GLVC steals rankings. Steals will be a good way to steal the win from Missouri-St. Louis.
10. Lewis 12-7 -2 In the upcoming game against Kentucky Wesleyan, Lewis has better statistics in defensive rebounds and blocked shots. The defense will have to be strong if Lewis hopes to win the contest.
11. Lake Superior State 11-6 +2 Lake Superior State ranks number one in the GLIAC in assists. Moving the ball around could make the Findlay defense tired, and help get the win.
12. St. Joseph’s 11-7 +2 St. Joseph is in the second place spot in the turnover margin stats. Keeping turnovers to a minimum will be a great way to win against Indianapolis.
13. Ferris State 10-7 +4 Ferris State’s scoring offense and assists are ranked 2nd in the GLIAC. These two aspects of the game will be great tools to defeat Northern Michigan
14. Indianapolis 10-9 -3 Indianapolis could take the win over St. Joseph if they play up to their rank in 3 pt defense, which tops the GLVC.
15. Missouri- St. Louis 10-9 -3 Missouri-St Louis ranks higher in blocked shots than Drury, whom they play next. Blocked shots are going to be essential if the team hopes to get a win.
16. Northern Kentucky 10-9 NC Northern Kentucky is third in the GLVC in blocked shots. Blocking Illinois-Springfield from scoring will help the team be victorious.
17. Wayne State 8-8 -2 Wayne State ranks second in the GLIAC with its turnover margin. Turnovers will a great tool to create the win over Tiffin.
18. *Illinois-Springfield 8-8 +1 Illinois-Springfield has high ranks in a number of rebounding categories, which could help earn the win against Northern Kentucky.
19. Ashland 8-9 -1 Ashland’s offensive rebound percentage, which is third in the GLIAC, could be the deciding factor in the upcoming game against Northwood.
20. Northwood 7-9 +1 Northwood holds the spot of second place in defensive rebounds in the GLIAC. If the team can make good offensive plays off of these rebounds, they can pull off the win over Ashland.
21. Northern Michigan 7-9 -1 Northern Michigan’s field goal percentage is ranked number two in the GLIAC. Making shots will help Northern to grasp a win over Ferris State.
22. UW-Parkside 8-12 NC UW-Parkside does not have statistics on its side for the next game against Southern Indiana. A win here would definitely be against the odds, but could boost the team’s rankings in a number of stats’ categories.
23. Hillsdale 5-11 +2 Hillsdale leads the GLIAC at the free throw line. Sinking these uncontested shots could help the team continue this three game winning streak.
24. Missouri S&T 6-13 +2 Missouri S&T out ranks opposing Maryville in a number of different stats. A win could be in their future if they continue to have the upper hand over Maryville.
25. Lake Erie College 6-14 -1 Lake Erie College does a good job of rallying in the second half. A rally against Ohio Dominican could be all it takes for a win for Lake Erie.
26. Michigan Tech 4-13 -3 Michigan Tech has the highest defensive rebound percentage in the GLIAC. Capitalizing on every rebound could help Tech pull a win out of the game against Grand Valley
27. *Maryville 2-17 NC Maryville currently rests in the number three spot of rebounding offense in the GLVC. Making the best of this kind of offense will be important to win against Missouri S&T.
28. Tiffin 1-16 NC Tiffin’s 3 pt percentage ranks considerably higher than Wayne State, their next opponent. Sinking those shots will be absolutely necessary if Tiffin plans to get another win in their season.

*-Not eligible for postseason tournaments
Southern Indiana, Drury, Kentucky Wesleyan, Quincy and Findlay are all ranked in the NABC Top 25 Coaches Poll. The full listing can be found here:

Women's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 1-27-10

1. Indianapolis 19-0 NC The Greyhounds are still undefeated and is the first team to clinch a GLVC conference tournament berth.
2. Michigan Tech 16-1 NC Husky star Katie Wysocky was named GLIAC North player of the week for the fifth time this season. No other player in the North has been named POTW multiple times.
3. Wisconsin-Parkside 17-3 +1 UWP’s “upset” of overrated Quincy shows that there’s reasons to pay attention in the GLVC North.
4. Southern Indiana 15-4 -1 The 10 point loss to UIndy set them back a spot in the rankings, but sets up the biggest showdown of the region on Thursday in Kenosha, Wisc.
5. Drury 16-4 +1 Have an easier weekend coming up after having to deal with Quincy and Lewis, but could get trapped by UM-St. Louis on Thursday.
6. Northern Michigan 12-5 +1 Had a good run on the Thursday game at LSSU, but need to fix the turnover problems they had at Saginaw Valley.
7. Grand Valley 14-3 +2 Will face their top two opponents in the GLIAC North at home this week: Michigan Tech on Thursday and NMU on Saturday, finally giving us a true view at if they can play a whole weekend against tough opponents.
8. Findlay 13-4 -3 Findlay’s speed can open up a lot of opportunity for the Oilers, but you can’t shoot 37.7% and expect to beat a surging Ashland.
9. Lake Erie 14-8 +3 The Storm is on a six game winning streak going back to the December 30 win against Grand Valley.
10. Northern Kentucky 13-6 +4 NKU is on a four game winning streak of their own as they try to keep pace in the stacked GLVC East.
11. Quincy 13-5 -3 The Eagles have fallen out of the WBCA top 25 for good reasons. Quincy is 4-5 in the GLVC and 0-2 in their conference.
12. Lewis 10-9 -1 The Flyers season will hinge on the Thursday home match up against Kentucky Wesleyan: winner’s season matters, the losers are pretty much out of it.
13. Bellarmine 11-8 -3 What happens when you lose your weekend’s games by an average of 20 points? You plummet in the power rankings.
14. Ashland 10-7 +4 The Eagles have reentered the GLIAC South conversation with a four game winning streak highlighted by last weekend’s defeat of Findlay and Hillsdale.
15. Hillsdale 7-9 NC Put up triple digits against Tiffin, but only after losing ground to Ashland in the division rankings.
16. Lake Superior State 9-7 -3 Has very little chance of becoming a factor in the GLIAC until the conference tournament.
17. Kentucky Wesleyan 10-9 -3 In all reality this is a solid team that could do some damage if they weren’t the cellar dweller of the hardest division East of the Mississippi River.
18. Missouri S&T 10-9 -1 The Miners are on a 4 game losing streak but it was all against opponents in the top 10 of the power rankings.

19. Missouri-St. Louis 9-10 +3 The Tritons are still below .500 for the season, but are 5-5 in the GLVC and could be the Cinderella of the conference this year.
20. Northwood 8-8 -1 The T’Wolves split last weekend and now are trying to increase their lead, as they are the bubble team for the GLIAC tournament.
21. Wayne State 4-13 +3 The Warriors may be the most improved team this season, improving in nearly all stat areas, but won’t be able to beat Ashland this weekend.
22. Saginaw Valley 4-13 +5 The Cardinals had to deal with two contenders this past weekend and stayed strong enough to push the Saturday game into OT.
23. Rockhurst 6-12 -1 A visit from the Prairie Stars are the only thing keeping the Hawks from being on a six game losing streak.
24. Ferris State 5-12 -3 The Bulldogs dead last ranking in the turnover ratio manifested itself in the blown lead against Northwood.
25. *Maryville 5-13 -5 Maryville was dominated by St. Joe’s this week but a game against Missouri S&T might be enough to overcome a rough schedule ahead.
26. Tiffin 5-12 -2 Tiffin let Hillsdale put in 101 points in a game that showed little defense. The lack of Dragon D isn’t going to be good against a Wayne State team that has built up confidence in the last two weeks.
27. St. Joseph 5-14 -2 Is going to have a tough game against UIndy on Thursday, but would be favored in a shootout with Northern Kentucky at home.
28. *Illinois Springfield 2-16 NC Has no real shot at a win until the Mighty Oaks of Oakland City comes into town on February 1.

*-not eligible for postseason tournaments
UIndy and Michigan Tech are ranked #2 and #4 respectively and UW-Parkside recieved votes in the WBCA Coaches Poll. Full top 25 is listed here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Episode Out Next Monday

Due to technical difficulties this week we could not bring you a new episode of Cat Chat. We've been experiencing some problems with the equipment at the studio.

The show will be back next week with highlights from the upcoming series with Alaska. Stay tuned for a great show next week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Women's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 1-21-10

1. University of Indianapolis- The Greyhounds have been perfect so far and winning big with a +25 scoring margin. UIndy should have no big problems until on the road at Wisconsin-Parkside.
2. Michigan Tech- Former #1 is still on top of the GLIAC by squeaking out in OT against Hillsdale and handling the speed of Findlay with ease.
3. Southern Indiana- Screaming Eagles haven’t scored less than 71 points in a win this year, but it’s going to be tough to put up points on the Greyhounds D.
4. Wisconsin-Parkside- The Rangers are very underrated as they have flown under the radar so far this year, but the win against #22 Quincy should expose them as a contender in the region.
5. Findlay- Found out first hand that the Yooper trip to NMU and MTU was a tough challenge from the poor performance of the GLIAC South.
6. Drury- Has done well with out of conference games, including the trip to Hawaii, but haven’t shown anything too spectacular in the GLVC yet.
7. Northern Michigan – The OT lost to Findlay was huge, but a win at dark horse LSSU could help solidify a placement and in the hunt for the competitive GLIAC North title.
8. Quincy- The Hawks are playing big D as they lead the GLVC in blocks, but need to make their shots on the first attempt, as Quincy is only +0.5 rebounds per game.
9. Grand Valley- The Lakers have had only one tough road game all year and that was at Findlay. They haven’t played MTU or NMU, their two biggest GLIAC North opponents.
10. Bellarmine- Scores a lot, but still gives up a lot of points. If they improve their defense, this team can cause some big problems.
11. Lewis- Is very similar to last year’s Wake Forest, except the Flyers have Jenny Turpel instead of Jeff Teague. If you let her do her own thing, but take away the other scorers like Currin, Lewis can be in trouble.
12. Lake Erie- Putting together a good final year as an independent to move up into the GLIAC ranks.
13. Lake Superior State- Has the most potential to move up in the rankings, due to a lot of tough games against GLIAC North opponents.
14. Northern Kentucky- They have some big wins but, those big losses to sub-par GLIAC teams will be almost impossible to overcome.
15. Hillsdale- Is only one game behind the GLIAC South lead, but going 0-4 in non-conference play hurts their postseason chances.
16. Kentucky Wesleyan- Has played pretty good defense overall, but to compete in the league, the scoring has to improve.
17. Missouri S&T- Last week’s losses make the Miners quest for GLVC West title harder.
18. Ashland- With the exception of the upset at home over NMU, the Eagles have beaten who they should beat, and lost to those they should lose to.
19. Northwood- Have solidly improved every week of the season.
20. Ferris State- A lot of picks had the Bulldogs fighting for a home court advantage in the opening round of the GLIAC tournament, but FSU is fighting to hold onto the eighth spot from the increasing threat of Northwood.
21. *Maryville- The Saints are the leaders of that bottom pack of the GLVC as they wait for postseason eligibility.
22. UM- St. Louis- UMSL fights hard every game, as most of their losses are by 7 points or less.
23. Rockhurst- Rockhurst is dead last for the conference in scoring, mainly due to their poor free throw shooting (65%)
24. Tiffin- The Dragons have already shown much improvement since their rookie GLIAC season.
25. St. Joseph’s –All their wins have been against sub-par teams, but have not been close to good teams all season.
26. Wayne State- Finally has been showing the composure necessary to win consistently at this level
27. Saginaw Valley- Are on a 5 game losing streak and 2-9 since starting GLIAC play.
28. *Illinois- Springfield- The Prairie Stars are in the bottom 4 for all stats except offensive rebounding

*- Not eligible for post season tournaments

Men's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 1-21-10

1. Quincy 16-0 Quincy is the only undefeated team eligible for the NCAA tournament, and the team’s defense is the best eligible defense in its conference. They look to continue their winning streak against Drury.
2. *Southern Indiana 16-0 Despite all the challenges in Evansville, the Screaming Eagles will continue to show their power after their tragic loss.
3. Kentucky Wesleyan 18-2 Kentucky Wesleyan is knocking of the door of the conference leader board, and the game against Northern Kentucky should look to improve their statistics.
4. Drury 13-3 Drury’s offense is rank number one in terms of NCAA tournament eligible teams. The team could has the potential to bring Quincy its first loss.
5. Findlay 12-3 Findlay leads the GLIAC in offense and defense. The team looks to seal the victory in the next three games on its schedule.
6. Grand Valley 12-3 Grand Valley’s defense in the GLIAC has proved successful, and its next two games should be guaranteed wins, but Wayne State, although ranked 15th, has a close defense and slightly better offense, and may prove problematic for GVSU in the future
7. Bellarmine 12-6 Bellarmine faces a team next with a slightly better defense in the GLVC, but since Northern Kentucky’s offense is ranked near the bottom, Bellarmine looks to take the easy win in this matchup.
8. Lewis 11-6 Lewis has a top 5 conference defense, and it should look to improve both its defensive and offensive stats with its next matchup against Missouri S&T
9. Saginaw Valley 10-5 Saginaw Valley’s rebounding offense, which is ranked first in the GLIAC, should guarantee the win in its next contest against Michigan Tech.
10. Rockhurst 11-7 Rockhurst ranks 3rd in the GLVC in steals, which will help the team defeat Illinois-Springfield in the Thursday night game.
11. Indianapolis 10-7 Indianapolis will need its high free throw percentage, as well as its number one conference 3-pt defense if it plans to beat undefeated USI.
12. Missouri- St. Louis 10-7 Missouri-St. Louis’s best stat is their rebounding defense, which is 5th in their conference. The next contest against St. Joseph will be a pretty evenly matched game.
13. Lake Superior State 9-6 Lake Superior State leads the GLIAC in assists. This kind of teamwork should secure the victory against Northern Michigan.
14. St. Joseph’s 9-7 St. Joseph is ranked 2nd in its conference in steals, which could help steal the win against Missouri-St. Louis.
15. Wayne State 8-6 Wayne State leads the conference in turnovers. As long as they can keep possession of the ball, they can look forward to a win against Ferris State.
16. Northern Kentucky 9-8 Northern Kentucky ranks third in its conference in blocked shots, which will definitely be needed in its next game against Kentucky Wesleyan.
17. Ferris State 8-7 Ferris State is ranked second in the GLIAC in blocked shots and tied for second in assists. The strong defense and teamwork may turn the game around, and put the win in their favor over Wayne State.
18. Ashland 8-7 Ashland holds the other 2nd place spot in assists in the GLIAC, and is also 2nd in offensive rebounds, which will help generate a win against Hillsdale.
19. *Illinois-Springfield 7-7 Illinois-Springfield leads the GLVC in offensive rebounds. They will need to make the best of every rebound in order to scrape up a win against Rockhurst.
20. Northern Michigan 7-7 Northern Michigan is ranked 3rd in defensive rebounds. Turning those rebounds into points will be essential to try to get the win against Lake Superior State.
21. Northwood 7-7 Northwood’s rebounding offense is 2nd on the GLIAC stat list. Taking advantage of every rebound will be key if the team hopes to come out on top of the matchup against Grand Valley.
22. UW-Parkside 7-11 UW-Parkside is ranked fourth in its conference in blocked shots. Their contest against Maryville looks to be in their favor.
23. Michigan Tech 4-11 Michigan Tech holds the 2nd place spot in 3-pt field goals in the GLIAC. Draining those shots will be absolutely necessary in order to win against Saginaw Valley.
24. Lake Erie College 6-13 Lake Erie narrowly lost a game against Kentucky Wesleyan earlier in the season, 73-75. If they can rally a game like this again, they can look to beat Urbana in Saturday’s game.
25. Hillsdale 3-11 Hillsdale ranks 2nd in the GLIAC in 3-pt field goals made. It will be a question of whether or not this will be enough to win over Ashland.
26. Missouri S&T 5-12 Missouri S&T ranks higher than its next opponent, Lewis, in steals. The team will need to steal the ball often to hope for the win against Lewis.
27. *Maryville 2-15 Maryville is ranked 3rd in rebounding offense in the GLVC. Rebounding, followed by scored baskets, will need to be frequent to hope for a victory against UW-Parkside.
28. Tiffin 1-14 Tiffin outranks Findlay in blocked shots, but will have to pull out a lot more if they plan to beat Findlay in the next contest between the two.

*-Not eligible for postseason tournaments

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Become a Part of Cat Chat!

Cat Chat, NMU's television sports show will be holding a meeting on Sunday, January 17 at 7 P.M. in the TV Studio of the McClintock Building. (Head through 125G and the studio is straight ahead.)

Cat Chat is in its second year on the air, and is open to all NMU students. The show airs on WNMU channel 20 in Marquette, Tuesday through Thursday at 9 P.M. as well as on YouTube, and has already built a following of a couple hundred viewers a week online alone.

Students will get a chance to take part in the filming of the show as well as opportunities covering NMU sporting events. Positions include directing, audio mixing, on-air analyst, camera, floor directing, field reporting, interviewing, blogging, live twitter updates from NMU sporting events, creating video packages/feature stories and more.

We are also looking for Sales Management Interns to handle sponsorship deals. Interns will have a chance to get "real world" experience with commercial and web advertising sales. The internships would pay a 25% commission per sponsorship deal.

Cat Chat is also seeking local bands/musicians who would be interested in creating original scores and music for the show. This includes music for highlights, promos, and end credits. It's a great way to be heard.

Cat Chat is a fantastic way to get experience for a resume.

For more information send us an E-Mail at