Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men's NCAA Midwest Regional Power Rankings 1-27-10

1. *Southern Indiana 17-0 +1 Despite the loss of a beloved teammate, Southern Indiana remains undefeated, no doubt to honor his memory. They now have the best scoring offense and defense in the GLVC, and look to keep the winning streak going against UW-Parkside.
2. Kentucky Wesleyan 19-3 +1 Kentucky Wesleyan leads the GLVC in offensive rebounds, and ranks second in a number of categories. The team looks to take the win against Lewis.
3. Quincy 16-2 -2 Quincy leads the GLVC in 3 pt percentage, and in the game against Bellarmine, these shots will help to snap the 2-game losing streak that Quincy has found itself in.
4. Drury 15-3 NC Drury tops the GLVC at the free throw line. If their opponent, Missouri-St Louis keeps them at the line, Drury can count on the win even more.
5. Findlay 14-3 NC Findlay tops the GLIAC in field goal and 3 pt field goal percentage. Easy point scoring will guarantee the win against Lake Superior State.
6. Grand Valley 14-3 NC Grand Valley Leads the GLIAC in scoring defense. The next game against Michigan Tech looks to be a sure win.
7. Bellarmine 13-6 NC Bellarmine’s 3 pt defense is ranked much higher than their next opponent’s, but that is not all that they have over Quincy. Bellarmine is also on a 4 game winning streak, which could put momentum in their favor on this away court.
8. Saginaw Valley 12-5 +1 Saginaw Valley’s offensive rebounds make them number one in the GLIAC. Offensive rebounds will help secure a victory against Hillsdale
9. Rockhurst 13-7 +1 Rockhurst takes the third spot in the GLVC steals rankings. Steals will be a good way to steal the win from Missouri-St. Louis.
10. Lewis 12-7 -2 In the upcoming game against Kentucky Wesleyan, Lewis has better statistics in defensive rebounds and blocked shots. The defense will have to be strong if Lewis hopes to win the contest.
11. Lake Superior State 11-6 +2 Lake Superior State ranks number one in the GLIAC in assists. Moving the ball around could make the Findlay defense tired, and help get the win.
12. St. Joseph’s 11-7 +2 St. Joseph is in the second place spot in the turnover margin stats. Keeping turnovers to a minimum will be a great way to win against Indianapolis.
13. Ferris State 10-7 +4 Ferris State’s scoring offense and assists are ranked 2nd in the GLIAC. These two aspects of the game will be great tools to defeat Northern Michigan
14. Indianapolis 10-9 -3 Indianapolis could take the win over St. Joseph if they play up to their rank in 3 pt defense, which tops the GLVC.
15. Missouri- St. Louis 10-9 -3 Missouri-St Louis ranks higher in blocked shots than Drury, whom they play next. Blocked shots are going to be essential if the team hopes to get a win.
16. Northern Kentucky 10-9 NC Northern Kentucky is third in the GLVC in blocked shots. Blocking Illinois-Springfield from scoring will help the team be victorious.
17. Wayne State 8-8 -2 Wayne State ranks second in the GLIAC with its turnover margin. Turnovers will a great tool to create the win over Tiffin.
18. *Illinois-Springfield 8-8 +1 Illinois-Springfield has high ranks in a number of rebounding categories, which could help earn the win against Northern Kentucky.
19. Ashland 8-9 -1 Ashland’s offensive rebound percentage, which is third in the GLIAC, could be the deciding factor in the upcoming game against Northwood.
20. Northwood 7-9 +1 Northwood holds the spot of second place in defensive rebounds in the GLIAC. If the team can make good offensive plays off of these rebounds, they can pull off the win over Ashland.
21. Northern Michigan 7-9 -1 Northern Michigan’s field goal percentage is ranked number two in the GLIAC. Making shots will help Northern to grasp a win over Ferris State.
22. UW-Parkside 8-12 NC UW-Parkside does not have statistics on its side for the next game against Southern Indiana. A win here would definitely be against the odds, but could boost the team’s rankings in a number of stats’ categories.
23. Hillsdale 5-11 +2 Hillsdale leads the GLIAC at the free throw line. Sinking these uncontested shots could help the team continue this three game winning streak.
24. Missouri S&T 6-13 +2 Missouri S&T out ranks opposing Maryville in a number of different stats. A win could be in their future if they continue to have the upper hand over Maryville.
25. Lake Erie College 6-14 -1 Lake Erie College does a good job of rallying in the second half. A rally against Ohio Dominican could be all it takes for a win for Lake Erie.
26. Michigan Tech 4-13 -3 Michigan Tech has the highest defensive rebound percentage in the GLIAC. Capitalizing on every rebound could help Tech pull a win out of the game against Grand Valley
27. *Maryville 2-17 NC Maryville currently rests in the number three spot of rebounding offense in the GLVC. Making the best of this kind of offense will be important to win against Missouri S&T.
28. Tiffin 1-16 NC Tiffin’s 3 pt percentage ranks considerably higher than Wayne State, their next opponent. Sinking those shots will be absolutely necessary if Tiffin plans to get another win in their season.

*-Not eligible for postseason tournaments
Southern Indiana, Drury, Kentucky Wesleyan, Quincy and Findlay are all ranked in the NABC Top 25 Coaches Poll. The full listing can be found here:

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